led module price & pixel led suppliers

LED module is a product that combines LEDs (light emitting diodes) according to certain rules and is packaged together after a certain waterproof treatment.



LED modules are widely used in LED products, and their structures are also very different from electronic products. To put it simply, the circuit board and the housing are equipped with LEDs to form LED modules, so the prices are generally different. For example, the prices of some customized products range from $1 to $3, so the specific prices can only be understood and quoted according to the user’s requirements.



Other controls, constant current source and related heat treatment make LED have better life and luminous intensity. It is mainly used to display the night effect of advertising fonts (acrylic, blisters) and signs. It is installed on the top of the building or on the wall, with words or signs as the medium. It can not only express the effect of the day, but also use LED as the light source to display another effect at night. In addition, LED lighting application control system, dynamic video control text or logo are also installed in some bars with strong entertainment atmosphere or their own rooms. LED light source module has become one of the important choices for some enterprises to show their self-image.