led neon bar signs

The cool LED neon sign can attract the attention of guests, the creative and delicate neon sign conveys a bright and vibrant message, which is the perfect choice for any place decoration.


I’ve never been a fan of novelties strewn around my home, but I was looking for a change that would add some spice and atmosphere. I was surprised that this neon sign isn’t anything fragile and you don’t have to worry about the glass tube breaking. It is mounted with clear plexiglass and held tightly by clear silicone. Then you just plug this into your phone to charge.


Personalized led neon balloons are made of flexible silicone LED neon strips and high-quality acrylic. Compared with plastic or PVC neon signs, silicone neon signs are brighter, have a longer lifespan, are environmentally friendly, have no heat, no risk of glass breakage or hazardous substance leakage, and are easy to use in various scenes.


Great for home decoration and wall art, the soft and bright light sign provides a romantic atmosphere that will make you feel loved and sweet. Neon signs are widely used in wall decoration, office, wedding, bar decoration, game room, kids room and other occasions.