led neon rope light wholesale

The customer said it was really a super interesting neon sign for holiday party. I also like it is dimmable! It’s right in my son’s room. Fortunately, the silicone will not be scratched, but it doesn’t matter. Now that it’s hung up, we don’t have to touch it.


There are several neon LED decorations in his apartment, which are of the best quality so far. When you look at these decorations, you can see some aesthetics of neon lights – but in most cases, you can see the whole neon lights.


On this sign inspired by the arcade, the silicone strip emits smooth light. For the ghosts of red, pink and blue, the color and brightness of the whole lamp tube are consistent, creating a perfect neon appearance! The only color I can see with the naked eye. The brightness of each LED node is slightly different, even in the distance, it is very weak and hard to detect.


Neon lights are characterized by abstract patterns similar to neon lights, bright colors and strong visual impact. It can appear in many forms of works, including art exhibitions, music videos, movies, and television programs. It is often used as a part of modern art, symbolizing the feeling of happiness in life.


He said that he bought this for a corner of the family office, where there are three cabinets. When it opens, the office lights up, giving a sense of the 1980s. It has been used for several months. Every night, it runs from 4 p.m. to 2 a.m., and the performance is perfect. Put “neon light” in quotation marks because it is an LED, not a real neon light, but better still, it may not burn out or make any annoying buzzing sound, nor break. If you are looking for this for your room, home or game hall, don’t worry about buying it.